PromiseVision 3D

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Finally! A 3D surgical microscope surgeons can easily use! Lightweight, fluid maneuverability and heads-up 3D display make Seiler’s PromiseVision 3D a breeze to work with. Watch a seamless, magnified video image at 1080p and 60 frames per second with the fastest image processing available. With up to 28X magnification, unprecedented depth of field and German apochromatic lenses, it’s revolutionizing the way surgical microscopes are used worldwide. Two-Year warranty on optics and mechanics.

The PromiseVision 3D system allows ergonomically-perfect posture, with a
head-up 3D image. Together this provides wonderful comfort with freedom of movement and less fatigue.

Unlike loupes or microscopes, PromiseVision 3D magnification provides
unprecedented depth-of-field (up to 51 mm) and a very wide 100 mm field of view.
The LED illumination on PromiseVision 3D provides abundant, co-axial lighting, in a comfortable-to-the-eye, natural light hue, while maintaining a 50,000-hour life on the LED bulb.

The PromiseVision 3D can greatly enhance staff awareness, and is a great tool for surgery education. According to a 2010 Texas Instruments educational study, 3D visualization improves understanding, engagement and knowledge retention.