Seiler Scope Achromat Binocular Microscope for the Physician’s Office Demo Unit

$1,295.00 $300.00

SeilerScope Binocular Microscope
Achromat 4/0.10 (160)
Achromat 10/0.35 (160/0.17)
Achromat 40/0.65 (160/0.17R)
Achromat 100/1.25 (160/0.17R HI, oil)
L-shaped sturdy base with built-in 6V-20W transformer Halogen illumination – 6V/20W Halogen bulb, #64250 ($10.00) Reversed four hole nosepiece
Coaxial coarse and fine focus mechanism
Focusing tension adjustment knob
Graduated, right hand double plated mechanical stage 50mm x 76mm – 0.1mm Vernier
2 – 10x Widefield Eyepieces (18)
Centerable Abbe condenser 1.25NA with iris
Rack and pinon mount
Inclined binocular tube (ƒ=1x) (Seidentopf type)
Protective vinyl cover (D400-2301)


This sale item come with a one-year warranty for optics, mechanics and electronics. Most of these products have been used only at shows or for demonstration purposes. These sale items could also be discontinued items that have been replaced by newer models.


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Weight 18 lbs