Evolution XR6 with DUAL LIGHT SOURCE METAL HALIDE/HALOGEN with 0-220 Head (Dental)

$14,995.00 $6,500.00

  • 6-step magnification system
  • Counterbalanced pantographic arm
  • 0–220º Binocular Head
  • DUAL LIGHT SOURCE: 50W Metal Halide with backup 12V 100W Halogen
  • True Coaxial through the lens illumination
  • Easily maneuverable optical head with tension control knobs and handles
  • 10x Wide Field Eyepieces
  • 250mm Apochromatic Objective lens


This sale item comes with a three-year warranty for optics, mechanics and electronics. Most of these products have been used only at shows or for demonstration purposes. These sale items could also be discontinued items that have been replaced by newer models.

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Weight 106 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 28 x 13 in