Introduction to Dental Microscopy with Dr. William Linger and AMED

PromiseVision 3D Microscope

Introducing the New Seiler 3D Dental Surgical Microscope

Endodontic Ergonomics Using Seiler’s PromiseVision 3D Dental Microscope

Dr. Baliwas’ expert tip with the PromiseVision 3D microscope

PromiseVision 3D Surgical Microscope Specifications

Broken File removal under 3D surgical microscope

Seiler’s 3D surgical microscope in action at Dr. Win’s Level II Root Camp


Evolution Zoom microscope

Introduction to the Evolution Zoom microscope

Seiler Clinical Tips by Dr. Jenner Argueta

Seiler Medical – 3D microscope and PPE equipment

Seiler Medical – Clinical documentation

Seiler Medical – Perforation Repair

Seiler Medical – PromiseVision 3D ease of use

Seiler Medical – PromiseVision 3D Microscope

Seiler Medical – Importance of a Microscope in Dentistry

Seiler Medical – PromiseVision 3D Review

Seiler Clinical Tips Intro

Alpha Air Testimonials

Introduction to microscopy

955 Colposcope with imaging

Photos from Dr. Jenner O. Argueta

Photos from Dr. Ariadna Deyanira Olivares Lopez


Baylor Microscope Training



EDS Training-Seminar

Training Course in Japan

Office Setups

3D Ceiling mounted

955 Colposcope on a Sonesta Chair